The Inner Child

History repeats itself because man remains at the same level of being--namely, he attracts again and again the same circumstances, feels the same things, says the same things, hopes the same things, believes the same things.  And yet nothing actually changes.     (Gurdjieff & Ouspensky)



"There is a superior way to live other than in our present human condition and it is called living in the "Work."  The Work is a term referring to self-understanding and eliminating our inner defects that are detrimental to our Essence and happiness. Through the Work we develop our true Essence and increase our level of Consciousness. Using tools such as Self-Remembering, Self-Observation and Self-Awareness, we are gradually led out of our inner darkness and into the guidance of God and our true Inner Being. Our painful life experiences up until then are often times mechanical reactions to external events. These internal reactions are often times formed within the personality, usually in childhood and adolescence. From our personality--this "thing" that we all refer to as "I" and take as "ourselves"--we receive our impressions which we call "reality." This psychologicial Work identifys those faulty thinking, feeling and reacting processes that control everything we think, feel, say and do, and how we give and receive healthy love. This psychological Work metabolizes traumas, processes grief, heals internal wounds, addresses the core of addictions, and other issues that make our life painful. This gradually creates within us a clearer lens by which we see the world and thereby we stop mechanically reacting and recreating our dramas.  By lessening our inner darkness we increase our inner Light so that we can better see the world, ourselves and others. This Work is an esoteric form of psychology, a gift if you will, that serves to awaken slumbering mankind from our terrible and unconscious sleep. Through it we can become what we were by God created to be, for  through our own awakening we start to understand the truer teachings of Christ.  All psychological work that does not "bring our darkness to the light" for total understanding and elimination falls short of complete, and total healing must find completion no less than in the arms of God. This is a special journey, and it is the only journey that we do take with us!"   (Reverend Linda Dow)


"People who say they will first die and then arise are mistaken.  If they do not first receive resurrection while they are alive, once they have died they will receive nothing."  (Gospel of Philip 73:1-4)

"Whoever knows everything but lacks within lacks everything."  (Jesus-Gospel)

"Enlightenment is not about bringing ourselves to the light, it is about bringing our darkness to the light."  (Jung)

"We do not see life as it is, we see it as we are."

Linda Lee Bradshaw-Dow is an Ordained Minister/Pastoral Counselor licensed with the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California.  She holds a ULC license and specializes in counseling and therapy under the guidelines of ULC's S.O.U.L. Clinic. Linda lives with her husband in Alpharetta, Georgia, and provides counseling in person and by phone.  She covers a wide range of life's issues, including:

  • Individual and Couples
  • Premarital and Marital Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling Certification
  • Anger and Depression
  • Sexual Issues and Addictions
  • Grief and Fear
  • Inner Child Work

"There is a superior way to live other than in our present human condition of suffering.  It is called living from "The Work."  The "Work" is an esoteric form of psychology that creates self-understanding and eliminates internal "defects." Internal "defects" are caused by the wounds we acquire through emotional hurts and faulty beliefs, and are detrimental to our true happiness and experiencing an intimate relationship with God. Through the "Work", we strengthen and develop our Inner Being and increase our level of Consciousness. By using tools such as "Self-Remembering" and "Self-Observation," we gradually are led into the guidance of our Inner Being and God. Our painful life experiences are often mechanical reactions to our unconscious conditioned impressions of external events. These reactions are typically acquired as the Personality develops during childhood and adolescence. From the Personality (that we refer to as "I" and "ourselves"), we selectively filter our experiences from the world and label it "reality." These filtered impressions may stem from our learned poor self-images, negative feelings about others, and painful ways we have experienced the world. The "Work" identifies the faulty thinking, feeling and reacting processes, metabolizes traumas, processes grief, identifies and heals emotional wounds, addresses and heals the core of addictions, and resolves other unhealthy patterns that make our life painful. It gradually creates a clearer lens through which we more accurately see ourselves, others and the world. By lessening our inner darkness we increase our inner Light. The "Work" is an esoteric gift that can awaken mankind from a terrible unconscious hypnosis and sleep. Through it we become what by God we were created to be; for through our own Awakening we begin to understand and heed to the deeper teachings of Christ.  Psychological work that does not "bring our darkness to the light" for comprehension cannot result in true "life" and "self" understanding and eliminate these wounds.  And as such, falls short of complete healing.  Total inner healing must include our spirit and only through such deep healing do we surrender our patterns of suffering. This is a special journey; it is a journey of our Being. And our level of Being is the only thing we take with us."   Reverend Linda Dow, Counselor, ULC  

Rev. Linda Dow is a nondenominational ministerial counselor. She does not preach religion.  Her goal is to help people heal from their painful emotional issues through therapy and counseling in the hope that each may find their own personal path to happiness.

(Rev. Linda Dow does counseling and therapy under the license and guidelines of ULC's S.O.U.L. Clinic Course. Her opinions are not necessary those of ULC.)

(S.O.U.L. Clinics make no claims to help people achieve Realization.  What we want to do is help people overcome the hang-ups, fears, lack of information, ideas, attachments and desires or other obstacles that keep them from growing toward this goal.) ULC http://ulc.net

The very root of fear is a false sense of identity. Vernon Howard

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